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AdRev Payouts To Artists Passes The $100-Million Mark

Since launching in 2011, ADREV -- which represents music rights for over 320 million videos on YOUTUBE -- has now paid out over $100 million to its roster of publishers and TV/film production libraries

“Music rights holders handing over YOUTUBE claiming rights to their distributors hoping for the best, generally are missing a large part of their online video income,” ADREV Pres. NOAH BECKER said. “We recognize YOUTUBE’s innate ability to drive revenue, audience, analytics and marketing. Understanding this, we have built a team of 30 dedicated staff members, that live and breathe all things YOUTUBE. The team all have a firm, foundational understanding of music rights and intricacies. Couple that team with a variety of in-house proprietary tech and joint ventures with other leading technologists in the space, and we’re consistently able to drive revenue upwards of 100% within the first 6 months for newly onboarded clients.”

“It requires a combination of technical knowledge on the nuances of YOUTUBE’s robust Content ID system -- a layer of incredible technology to help rights owners and admins with optics on music uses and video analytics -- and diligent humans with musical knowledge," he continues. "I caution anyone receiving a pitch from any rights administrator about their fully automated system. Automation is great, but it can’t pick up a phone and work out a pending copyright dispute with another administrator, or identify a cover version of a song that is off tempo from the original and in a different scale, or you know ... woefully out of key. ”

“We are proud to partner with ADREV in the worldwide claiming rights of our music assets,” ADARGA ENTERTAINMENT GROUP CEO HENRY ALONZO said. “Their infrastructure and expertise of the industry has helped us correctly protect and monetize copyrighted content for the artists that we manage. We've seen exponential growth in our YouTube income since migrating to their platform.”

ADREV is also generating revenue from monitoring things like Instagram videos getting re-posted to YOUTUBE. “We’ve only seen the tip of the iceberg,” ADREV VP/Content Strategy MATT WHITMIRE said. “Content from other platforms is often re-posted in almost near real time to YOUTUBE -– getting those unlicensed re-posts claimed expeditiously is one of the key factors in driving revenue and adding value for our clients.”