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Exclusive Interview: Learn How AdRev Payouts to Artists Cross the $100-Million Mark for 2018

Today, the content on the social networking platforms is being created on a minute basis. While the creators try to publish authentic content, there are certain spaces they fail to monitor. While the user-generated content helps increase visibility for the artists and influencers, there is a need to monitor that content and help the original sources earn the profit they deserve.

AdRev leads in YouTube monetization and administration of audiovisual and music copyrights, proprietary unclaimed search, and royalty accounting software for the music and entertainment industry. With a team of YouTube certified professionals, AdRev currently administers over 10+ million copyrights and monetizes over 250+ million videos. Noah Becker explains,

“We recognize YouTube’s innate ability to drive revenue, audience, analytics, and marketing. Understanding this, we have built a team of 30 dedicated staff members, that live and breathe all things YouTube. The team all have a firm, foundational understanding of music rights and intricacies. Couple that team with a variety of in-house proprietary tech and joint ventures with other leading technologists in the space, and we’re consistently able to drive revenue upwards of 100% within the first 6 months for newly onboarded clients”.

Since 2011, the company has been able to pay over $100 million to their roster of publishers and TV/film production libraries. Fuzzable talked to the team to understand how they have been able to achieve this major feat. Check out the complete interview below:

Please tell our readers a bit about AdRev.

AdRev is a Content Technology company providing multi-platform services to support and empower content creators across YouTube, Facebook and beyond. Whether it is brand control, audience development, or asset monetization, AdRev has a custom-built solutions and services to help you optimize your content strategy.

How did you come up with the business idea? In other words, what motivated you to start AdRev?

AdRev was born from our first company AudioMicro, a music micro-licensing site geared toward smaller content creators with a need for quality royalty-free music at an affordable price. We quickly noticed AudioMicro music all over YouTube yet it was not licensed. AdRev started out of the need for rights holders (music & video creators) to protect their works and have the ability to monetize their content across social media platforms.

Please tell us a bit about your team and members’ expertise.

Our team is varied with a ton of depth in the music, advertising, and creative industries. All told, there is over 100 years of music and media industry experience within our walls.

A lot of creators on YouTube start on their own without any team or guidance. The whole concept of monetization and how they might be losing out might be quite new for them. So, if you had to explain the necessity of recognizing the way one’s content is used on YouTube and its link to monetization, how would you do that?

As a content creator, you are responsible for protecting your rights as no one else is going to do it for you. We suggest first learning how to gain monetization rights YouTube for the requirements are always changing, and building a sustainable content development strategy and posting schedule. Once you start to develop an audience, your work will begin to proliferate onto other pages and platforms. If you see your work being copied and are not being compensated for it, you need to speak with an aggregation partner like AdRev ASAP. And even if you don’t, it is highly likely your work is being copied and you’re just unable to find it! AdRev will help uncover those difficult-to-find uses and make sure they are monetized or taken down on your behalf.

Apart from content creators and distributors, who all can benefit from AdRev services?

Basically, anyone with “rights” to content is a potential AdRev client. Master recordings, publishing ownership or admin, audio-visual assets, unique audio (i.e. motivational speech, etc.). And not just YouTube stars. For example, many popular Instagram stars are not nearly as prolific on YouTube, but their content is re-posted prolifically to YouTube! Folks like this could benefit from working with AdRev to protect and monetize those fan re-uploads. The other potential sector that could benefit from AdRev’s expertise are brands & non-profits active on social media and producing video content. AdRev can help track re-uploads of their work, find out how people are interacting with it, and how to gain more reach. Our team’s experience also covers how to create a successful channel and target specific demographics.

Today, YouTube has become an important content creation platform. You claimed that you have been able to offer $100 million to creators and rights owners and administrators. How has AdRev been able to achieve this major feat?

AdRev has been able to payout these astonishing amounts from our years of experience in the YouTube content identification system, leading us to develop supplemental technology, to go a step further to identify our client’s usages. AdRev also prides itself on accounting transparency, detailing every single claim made and how much revenue each has made in the client dashboard. This leads to an enormous word-of-mouth business model that constantly brings clients due to the excellent work we have performed for our existing base. Once a client is on-board with AdRev, they become part of our family, and hopefully a customer for life – the client turnover is nearly non-existent. We pride ourselves on great work, great tech, and building great relationships.

You are now Facebook Rights Manager too. How will partnering with platforms like Facebook help AdRev in its venture?

Once we’re fully ramped up on FB, it will provide more insight into usage and expand our clients’ reach to place music with more key content creators and brands. We anticipate a major boon here by 2020.

You voiced out your concern for automated systems looking after copyrights management. Don’t you think that automation might streamline the process of looking after multiple cases instead of resources handling cases individually? We would like you to elaborate on your argument against automation.

I wouldn’t make that argument. What I would say is that automation is pivotal in copyright identification, but it isn’t a holistic approach. The comment was merely “be advised, if someone says automation does everything, they are not getting you all of your money.” Humans cannot identify billions of uses, but computers cannot arbitrate a copyright dispute between two parties who may be at odds with one another, identify system failures which there are no API calls for, etc.”

Would you like to share with us any upcoming projects/endeavors that your followers must be looking forward to?

AdRev is moving forward with taking its services to the branded content and non-profit sector; developing new strategies and joint ventures strictly focused on 501c and brand protection needs, while continuing to expand our joint ventures with the best technologists in the space to ensure all clients’ revenue is maximized.