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AdRev is a global leader for YouTube monetization and administration of audiovisual and music copyrights, proprietary unclaimed search, and royalty accounting software for the music and entertainment industry. AdRev currently administers over 10+ million copyrights and monetizes over 250+ million videos.

The entire AdRev ops team is YouTube Certified ...

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AdRev Partners with Production Music Powerhouse APM Music to Boost Online Video Monetization Revenues

Good things happen when two leading lights in their respective spheres synch up. AdRev is now administering and monetizing the entire library of APM Music through YouTube Content ID.

APM Music is one of the largest production music companies in the world, representing approximately 600,000 tracks and 50 unique libraries. Its music catalog runs the gamut from artist-driven indie tracks and authentic archival treasures to adrenalin-pumping stadium anthems and compelling trailer cues. Some of APM’s notable tracks and accomplishments include the “The Monday Night Football Theme” and “People’s Court”, as well as extensive placements in popular, award-winning film, TV, and video game projects such as Game of Thrones, This is Us, Westworld, Stranger Things, The Shape of Water, and Call of Duty.

AdRev is one of the most trusted and skilled partners for production music and other catalog rights holders. Part of the PMA (Production Music Association), the LA-based company specializes in optimizing monetization for production music libraries, digging deep into opportunities by employing human savvy and tech know-how. “We are thrilled to offer our services and expertise to APM, a major player in the production music world and a valuable PMA member,” says AdRev President Noah Becker.

"We are excited about working with AdRev's high quality team for our YouTube Content ID administration and monetization,” says APM President Adam Taylor. “They have years of experience and expertise in monetizing production music in YouTube. We know our music is in good hands, and we look forward to a successful partnership."

These kinds of partnerships have led to more than $100 million in payouts to rights holders since its inception, thanks to AdRev’s commitment to maximizing monetization across all possible platforms, and thanks to the stellar quality of partners’ music and catalogs.

"We're thrilled to partner with Rob Cairns, Adam and his fantastic team at APM. Adam is an incredibly sharp, forward thinking business leader and strategist. This is the kind of partnership that will catalyze bold new ideas, technology, and services offerings that will benefit our entire client base,” says Becker. “We're super fired up!"